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Everything ISRI does is done to help you – our member – on the ground in your operations with your employees, and

in your local community. To that end we are working harder to connect the dots to ensure our effectiveness. This year,

our annual jobs study which documents jobs, wages, and taxes in the recycling industry was extended to provide city

impacts as well as state legislative districts. We also continue to strengthen our state compliance resources available

online at .

ISRI staff also continue to exert industry and association leadership and influence through representation on a number

of external boards, including the National Recycling Coalition (NRC), the U.S. Government’s Industry Trade Advisory

Committees for Steel and Nonferrous Metals (ITAC), JASON Learning, Sustainable Electronics Recycling International

(SERI), and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Foundation.

As a trade association, ISRI is always in search of new and interactive ways to provide value to its members, including

the use of new technology. In April, ISRI launched ISRI Mobile, a mobile app available for Apple and Android users.

The award-winning app provides tools and resources for recyclers to operate more effectively, as well as important

industry information for other stakeholders. Recognizing the impact of YouTube as the primary source of information

for a growing number of people, ISRI increased its use of videos to spread our industry’s messages. This included the

development of five new videos on topics ranging from the economic impact of the industry to a focus on specific

commodities, including electronics, plastics, and tire/rubber.

To be successful as an association and as an industry, we must constantly be forward thinking. That is why ISRI has in-

vested greatly in our partnership with JASON Learning on a standards-based, K-12 recycling curriculum. The program

took another step forward in 2015 by launching three pilot pro-

grams in Staten Island, Baltimore, and Kalamazoo, Michigan. These

pilots are giving children the opportunity to see how recycling

works up close, teaching them the skills needed for careers in the

field, and helping them develop an interest in STEM subjects. It

is through this education process that the recycling industry will

gain its next generation of leaders.

There is much uncertainty as 2016 begins, but one thing is for

sure: ISRI will be there to support its members. We already have a

great convention planned in Las Vegas focusing on how recyclers

can make their business more efficient and profitable. Members

can also look forward to enhanced safety programming, new edu-

cational and training opportunities focused on market conditions,

a robust state and federal advocacy program, and more. We can’t

wait to work with you on making it a very successful year!

Douglas Kramer

ISRI Chair

Robin K. Wiener

ISRI President