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ISRI Circle of Safety Excellence™

2015 was the first full year of ISRI’s Circle of Safety

Excellence™ program, designed to bring together

companies willing to share safety data and best

practices for the betterment of their own safety oper-

ation. The Circle grew to 97 companies, representing

approximately 27 percent of ISRI member facilities and

members across all the commodity sectors ISRI

represents. ISRI hosted two face-to-face meet-

ings for the Circle members, where they received

the first round of benchmarking data, shared

best practices among the group, and discussed efforts to

improve performance within their facilities and across the


ISRI Forms Alliance with OSHA

In October, ISRI and OSHA announced the formation of an Alli-

ance to promote health and safety in workplaces throughout the

recycling industry. Through this Alliance, ISRI will continue to

work with OSHA to provide members and others with informa-

tion, guidance, training, and other resources to protect the health

and safety of workers within the scrap recycling industry.

One of the goals of the new Alliance is to promote a culture of

safety within the scrap recycling industry that works toward

the reduction of workplace incidents and prevention of worker exposure to hazards. This includes those

associated with powered industrial trucks and other machinery, insufficient hazard communication, lead,

improper electrical wiring methods, control of hazardous energy, and others. Injury, illness, and hazard

exposure data will be used to prioritize areas of emphasis for Alliance activities.

The Alliance establishes collaboration at ISRI events such as ISRI Safety and Environmental Council (ISEC)

meetings, ISRI’s Safety Stand-Down Day, and ISRI’s annual convention to

provide attendees compliance assistance and promote and distribute

safety resources. Alliance activities will focus on three areas: Raising

Awareness of OSHA’s Rulemaking and Enforcement Initiatives; Training

and Education; and Communications and Outreach. ISRI has made great strides in improving worker safety

throughout the industry and will continue to do so with partnerships with external organizations and

support from ISRI members.