2018-19 ISRI Membership Directory and Industry Guide

13 (Note: All phone numbers are direct lines. To contact any ISRI staff member by fax, use the general number 202/624-9256.) ISRI STAFF DIRECTORY Adina Renee Adler Sr. Director of Government Relations & Intl. Affairs 202/662-8514 aadler@isri.org Rebecca Andrechak Asst. to Gen. Counsel & VP of Government Relations 202/662-8522 randrechak@isri.org Eugene Angoue Staff Accountant 202/662-8521 eangoue@isri.org Will Beaty Sr. Director of Business Development 202/662-8547 wbeaty@isri.org Rachel Bookman Communications Outreach Manager 202/662-8518 rbookman@isri.org Lacey Capps Manager of Chapter Relations 202/662-8538 lcapps@isri.org Mark Carpenter Sr. Director of Communications 202/662-8525 mcarpenter@isri.org Chuck Carr VP of Convention, Meetings & Education & Training 202/662-8527 ccarr@isri.org John Day Manager of Environmental, Health & Safety 202/662-8532 jday@isri.org Bob Emery Advertising Sales Director 440/268-0501 bemery@scrap.org Bob Ensinger Publisher & VP of Commu- nications and Marketing 202/662-8510 bensinger@isri.org Margie Erinle Chief Financial Officer 202/662-8523 merinle@isri.org Hernan Gigena Creative Manager 202/662-8506 hgigena@isri.org Steven Glover Sr. Director of Membership 202/662-8536 sglover@isri.org Natasha Grant Marketing Manager 202/662-8524 ngrant@isri.org Maryann Greene Executive Assistant 202/662-8503 mgreene@isri.org Commodor Hall Director of Transportation Safety 202/662-8519 chall@isri.org Billy Johnson Chief Lobbyist 202/662-8548 bjohnson@isri.org Darrell Kendall Executive Director, RIOS™ 202/662-8528 dkendall@rioscertification.org Bernie Lee Research Analyst, Commodities 202/662-8502 blee@isri.org Jonathan Levy Director of Member Services 202/662-8530 jlevy@isri.org Valerie Lucas Adv., Prod. & Circ. Associate, Scrap 202/662-8540 vlucas@scrap.org Tanishia Martin Director of Web Services 202/662-8539 tmartin@isri.org Michelle Mathis Office Services Supervisor 202/662-8504 mmathis@isri.org Brady Mills Director of Law Enforcement Outreach 202/662-8526 bmills@isri.org Essence Morris Membership Coordinator 202/662-8509 emorris@isri.org Catherine Murphy Meeting Planner 202/662-8544 cmurphy@isri.org Joe Pickard Chief Economist & Director of Commodities 202/662-8542 jpickard@isri.org Rachel H. Pollack Editorial Director, Scrap 202/662-8543 rpollack@scrap.org Megan Quinn Reporter/Writer, Scrap 202/662-8531 mquinn@scrap.org Mark Reiter VP of Government Relations 202/662-8517 mreiter@isri.org Justin Short Legislative Analyst 202/662-8508 jshort@isri.org Solome Sissay Director of Accounting 202/662-8520 ssissay@isri.org Tony Smith Director of Safety Outreach 260/409-9561 tsmith@isri.org Elnaz Torabian Safety Analyst/Coordinator 202/662-8511 etorabian@isri.org David Wagger Chief Scientist & Director of Environmental Management 202/662-8533 dwagger@isri.org Cynthia G. Wagner Senior Editor, Scrap 202/662-8515 cwagner@scrap.org Danielle Waterfield Sr. Director of Government Relations and Asst. General Counsel 202/662-8516 dwaterfield@isri.org Marian Weiss Production Manager, Scrap 202/662-8545 mweiss@scrap.org Robin Wiener President 202/662-8512 rwiener@isri.org Scott Wiggins VP of Environmental, Health & Safety 202/662-8529 swiggins@isri.org Terry Wilson Director of Information Technology 202/662-8507 twilson@isri.org Olga Zamora VP of Human Resources & Office Administration 202/662-8505 ozamora@isri.org CONTACTS Janesha Russell Expo/Sponsorship Manager Meeting Insites International Direct: 502/409-2615 Fax: 941/203-8896 jrussell@meetinginsites.com Lisa Ness Wilson Meetings by Design LLC 5810 Kessinger Court Hope Mills, NC 28348 910/988-9888 MeetingsByDesign1@gmail. com