2018-19 ISRI Membership Directory and Industry Guide

20 CENTURY CLUB MEMBERS Richard Abrams rabrams@consolidatedscrap. com (717) 329-3731 Joseph Alpert office@jsolotken.com (317) 638-5566 Thomas Baker tbaker1717@gmail.com (512) 771-8064 Norman Bernstein normb@compressedsteel.com (712) 277-4100 Emanuel Bodner mannybodner@gmail.com (713) 248-0396 Randy Castriota rcastriota@aol.com (412) 431-1832 Michael Coslov mcoslov@imcmgt.com (610) 420-0126 Albert Cozzi albertc@cozzirecycling.com (623) 931-3701 Frank Cozzi frankc@cozzirecycling.com (847) 233-0300 Leonard Formato boulderresources@aol.com (917) 270-3890 Arnold Gachman arnold@gachman.com (817) 886-5001 Barry Hunter bhunter@hunteralloys.com (201) 259-5075 Stanley Kramer stanley@kramermetals.com (323) 587-2277 Roger Levine rogerlevine@gmail.com (413) 854-8826 Donald Lewon don@umw.com (801) 364-5679 Melvin Lipsitz mlipsitz@mlipsitzco.com (254) 756-6661 (0) Steve Nedelman snedelman@comcast.net (615) 752-9519 James Wilkoff jim@wilkoffmetals.com (216) 391-6600 ISRI’s Century Club member- ship is for retired or semi-re- tired individuals who desire to network with their peers, maintain friendships in their mature years, and share their wisdom with tomorrow’s scrap industry leaders. Prospective members have a combination of age and years of active participation in ISRI and/or its predecessor organizations (the Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel, the National Association of Recycling Industries, or the Paper Stock Institute) that meets or exceeds 100 years. ISRI’s Century Club fee is $500 per year. Your appli- cation will be reviewed and approved by the Century Club co-chairs and ISRI’s Senior Director of Membership prior to processing your payment. Please note ISRI’s Century Club is a club and does not convey membership in ISRI unless you are currently employed by an ISRI member company.