2018-19 ISRI Membership Directory and Industry Guide

For over 20 years, the RecycleGuard insurance program has been a leading insurance provider to the recycling industry. Whether it’s metal, plastic, glass, paper, rubber, textile, electronics or a combination of them all, RecycleGuard offers superior insurance coverage options to safeguard your recycling business. OVER 20 YEARS OF INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE THE ONLY ISRI SPONSORED PROPERTY & CASUALTY INSURANCE PROGRAM DEDICATED CLAIMS TEAM THAT HAS RESOLVED OVER 17,000 SCRAP YARD LOSSES RECYCLEGUARD PROVIDES COVERAGE TO OVER 50% OF THE SCRAP INDUSTRY For more information on RecycleGuard, have your agent contact : Susan Diecidue 603.334.3019 | susan.diecidue@amwins.com recycleguard.com Gold 2018 ISRI PARTNER ™ SPONSORED BY