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shops on topics critical to the industry while providing a forum

for equipment manufacturers and service providers to meet scrap

processors and consumers. For more information, visit www.

or contact Chuck Carr at


Operations Forum

—The ISRI Operations Forum provides

job-specific training for individuals who work in recycling

operations. The forum focuses on one processing sector—such

as shredder operations, transportation, yard layout, equipment

maintenance, materials identification, benchmarking, or human

resources—with the selected topic changing each year. The event

often includes a tour of a scrap processing facility or other oper-

ations in related fields. For more information, contact Jonathan

Levy at


Commodities Roundtable Forum

—The ISRI Commodities

Roundtable Forum is an annual two-and-a-half day event for

scrap traders, processors, and consumers wishing to gain an edge

on understanding market conditions while meeting prospects

from around the world. The event provides in-depth, current mar-

ket analysis and future projections on aluminum, copper, ferrous,

nickel/stainless, plastics, and other commodities as well as other

topics of importance to the scrap recycling industry. For more

information, contact Joe Pickard at



The following publications are available to each ISRI mem-


ISRI Membership Directory and Industry Guide

—a com-

prehensive listing of member contacts, business classifications,

and types of materials handled. Used daily by members to build

business contacts, the directory is considered one of the most

valuable benefits of ISRI membership (a $950 value).


—the association’s award-winning bimonthly magazine

that’s packed with practical information to help members manage

all aspects of their businesses more profitably and safely. Visit


Leadership Update

—a weekly member e-mail newsletter

from ISRI President Robin Wiener about important association

news and industry issues.

Safety Update (Geared Up for Safety/Safety Point)


member-only safety reminders on key safety topics, delivered via

email in English and Spanish.

Scrap Specifications Circular

—provides guidelines for buy-

ing and selling a range of processed scrap commodities, includ-

ing ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber, and

glass. Available online in English and Chinese at

The Weekly Market Report

—a weekly electronic newsletter

covering economic, commodity, and scrap market highlights.

Free to ISRI members; nonmembers can visit

to subscribe.

Commodity Beats

—member-only quarterly e-newsletters

providing news, updates, and trends for each of the recycled


Scrap Policy & Advocacy News

—a member-only e-newsletter

disseminated 10 times a year, providing news and information

regarding laws and regulations concerning the scrap recycling


Superfund Recycling Equity Act Guidance Manual


most comprehensive volume on the effect of SREA on the scrap

industry, providing practical, easy-to-follow guidance. This

loose-leaf publication covers Superfund guidance, the definition

of a “recyclable material,” arranging for recycling, and evaluat-

ing consumer compliance. Copies of the manual are available by

request only.

Scrap Theft Bulletin

—a monthly e-newsletter designed

for law enforcement and security professionals to help combat

metals theft.



— an e-mail newsletter providing certifica-

tion and RIOS

-related news and updates.

ISRI Online Learning Center Webinars

—ISRI holds sever-

al webinars each year on current topics of interest to the industry,

including key safety issues, market trends, and a commodity-re-

lated series. For more information, contact Jonathan Levy at


Youth Outreach Tools

—ISRI and JASON Learning have

developed a recycling education campaign for students in kinder-

garten through 12th grade. The campaign includes lesson plans,

hands-on activities, and interactive web-based experiences on the

importance of recycling and the scrap industry. These resources

can be downloaded for free from

For more infor-

mation, contact Bob Ensinger at



ISRI advocates on behalf of its members and the scrap recy-

cling industry on a range of industry issues at the international,

federal, state, and local levels. Complete information can be

found at

In addition to advocacy, ISRI’s government relations depart-

ment oversees several programs to assist members with environ-

mental, health, and safety compliance.

Additionally, members can participate in low, fixed-cost fee-

for-service programs that allow them to tailor programs to their

needs. Refer to the “ISRI Staff Contacts by Subject” list in this di-

rectory for contact information about specific ISRI policy issues.


—The political action committee associated with

ISRI heightens the profile of our industry on Capitol Hill. ISRI

PAC has been critical in our efforts to achieve Superfund reform

and accelerated depreciation for equipment purchases, establish

the Congressional Recycling Caucus, and make our voices heard

in Congress, among other activities. For more information, con-

tact Billy Johnson at


ISRI State Monitoring Program

—Started in 2004, this

program allows ISRI to keep abreast of issues and bills important

to the scrap recycling industry throughout the 50 state legisla-

tures. ISRI, in turn, sends information regarding important bills

and their possible effect to its chapters, which distribute it to

key individuals in companies that the legislation could affect, if

enacted. For more information, contact Danielle Waterfield at


SREA Reasonable Care Compliance Program


environmental compliance reports that can help scrap recyclers

avoid severe legal consequences. For information about the legal

aspects of SREA, contact Thomas Casey at

. For

information about ordering reports, visit

or contact

Steven Glover at