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—a one-stop online resource where law

enforcement and others can access tools, obtain state metals theft

laws, acquire scrap industry information, and find success stories.

—a free online theft-alert system avail-

able to law enforcement officials, private security professionals,

recyclers, and property owners.

Recycling Industry Operating Standard



is an

integrated management system standard for quality, environment,

health, and safety. ISRI members enjoy discounted membership




provides value to your company by offering struc-

ture for managing and continually improving your programs to

ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, environmental

compliance and prevention of pollution, and health and safety

compliance and prevention of workplace injuries. With RIOS

in place, scrap processors can reduce costs and increase revenue

through better QEH&S performance. Notably, third-party RIOS

certification is available from ANAB-accredited RIOS


tion bodies.

For electronics recyclers seeking certification as responsible

electronics recyclers, ISRI offers the R2/RIOS

certification pro-

gram. This program combines the Responsible Recycling (R2)

practices and RIOS

to provide a “one-stop shop” for R2/RIOS

certification. R2/RIOS

certification is a litmus test for recycling

companies that seek to set themselves apart in the marketplace

and demonstrate their commitment to higher standards. Elec-

tronics manufacturers support R2/RIOS

, and it’s backed by the

federal government.


to learn more about


membership, R2/RIOS

, and third-party certification

or contact Michelle Woody at


Darrell Kendall at



The safety of our members and their employees and custom-

ers is a top priority for the association. For many years, ISRI has

provided members with award-winning safety training materials.

ISRI offers a variety of free products and services to members.

Circle of Safety Excellence


This is a safety initiative open

to all ISRI members who are committed to operating safely, will-

ing to share injury data for benchmarking purposes, and open to

share best practices to make the scrap recycling industry safer.

Safety Update (Safety Point/Geared Up for Safety)

: (See

description under Publications section.)

ISRI Safety and Environmental Council

: Holds confer-

ences of member safety professionals to promote information

exchange and professional development.

Safety Videos and DVDs

: ISRI offers a collection of safety

video materials designed for use in scrap operations. All titles are

offered in English/Spanish DVD format.

ISRI Safety Manual

: This resource, available on the ISRI

website, reviews the major safety issues in the scrap recycling


ISRI Safety Posters

: Posters with a variety of themes that

can build safety awareness among your employees.

Radiation Flash Cards

: Even with the most advanced

detection equipment in place, it’s possible for intact radioactive

sources to sneak into scrap operations. ISRI’s radiation flash

cards provide common examples of material entering scrapyards

that may contain radioactive sources.

ISRI Safety Blueprint

: The ISRI Safety Blueprint facilitates

a discussion among facility owners/senior managers and ISRI

staff that allows them to identify for themselves the strengths and

weaknesses of 14 different elements of their safety programs.

ISRI General Awareness Training:

This one-day safety

training session focuses on general safety issues that are of

concern in the scrap recycling industry. This course requires a

minimum of seven participants.

Material Handler Train-the-Trainer:

This two-day training

course, free to ISRI members, includes one full day in the class-

room covering equipment-related safety information and four to

six hours in the field going over equipment inspection, blind-spot

drills, machine setup and control, as well as loading and unload-

ing exercises. This course is designed to give trainers at your

facility a better understanding of safety in and around material


Powered Industrial Vehicle Train-the-Trainer:


regulations require that anyone who operates a powered industri-

al truck (forklift) in the United States and/or its territories must

be trained and educated to operate the equipment safely and to

recognize the hazards associated with operating this equipment

at your facility. This training must be documented, and recer-

tification must take place at least every three years for each

employee. This class will provide this information and assist in

setting up your designated employee to be the facility trainer at

your location(s). This course will cover forklifts, skid-steers, and

wheel loaders, or any combination of these three that a member

company may have at its facility. Contact Tony Smith, tsmith@

, or Elly Torabian, or

Hazard Recognition in Recycling:

This free course for ISRI

members is relevant to recyclers across all commodities who

would like their employees to learn more about hazard recog-

nition and mitigation in the recycling operations environment.

While the training is aimed at operations, maintenance, safety,

and supervisory employees, it is open to any employees who

might benefit from the information. ISRI members can request

this training on site at their facilities if they ensure at least 20 at-

tendees. Contact Tony Smith,

, or Elly Torabian,



Transportation Assessment

: This is a staff-led review of

a member’s transportation program, including an assessment

of driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance, drug and alcohol

records, hours-of-service, vehicle crash history, and CSA perfor-

mance. Driver classroom training, defensive driver commentary

check rides, and hands-on vehicle inspection classes are also

conducted. Immediate feedback is provided to senior manage-

ment, and follow-up assessments are conducted on a request


For more information on ISRI safety programs, visit

safety or contact Elly Torabian at