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The RecycleGuard


program, managed through Willis Programs,

addresses the property and liability insurance needs of recyclers

across the United States and Canada. The program caters to

meet the needs of an ever-evolving industry with a keen focus on

flexibility and responsiveness. RecycleGuard has been a re-

spected partner of ISRI since 2000, providing highly specialized

insurance solutions to the scrap industry.

Eligibility Requirements

Businesses with primary operations in the recycling of:

Scrap metal








Coverages available through RecycleGuard include:

General Liability

Conversion coverage

Impaired property



Corporate identity protection coverage

Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE






Errors and omissions coverage (applicable to electronics recy-

clers and document shredding operations)

*Registered trademark of American International Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Business/Commercial Auto



Rental reimbursement

Cargo pollution

Driver other car

Limited pollution (on some classes of operations)




Business income and extra expense

Equipment breakdown (including production machinery and


Inland Marine

Scheduled property

Yard equipment

Small tools


Equipment leased from others

$10,000 automatic limit on fence coverage

Computer/EDP coverage


Employee dishonesty

Theft, disappearance, and destruction

Forgery or alteration

Depositors forgery

Pension/profit sharing (ERISA) coverage form extension


Limits over general liability, auto, and workers’ compensation

coverage B; employers liability

Pollution Liability

Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE)

program available

Description of Coverages:

General Liability

Insurance for premises and operations. Products may be rated

and audited on a composite basis utilizing payroll or tonnage in

lieu of sales.

Enhancements can include coverage for conversion, impaired

property and employee benefits liability.

Corporate Identity Protection Coverage (CIP) provides per-

sonal identity liability, administrative action and identity event

reimbursement. (Coverage not available in AR, IL, ME, MO, NY,

OK, or VT.)

Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE)



combines commercial general liability (CGL) and

pollution legal liability (PLL) coverage in a single, cost-effective

policy which helps to eliminate potential coverage gaps. The

EAGLE program provides protection from both general liability

and environmental exposures faced by scrap recyclers who buy

discarded materials, including metals, from industrial facilities

and individuals and sort and prepare those materials for resale.

Business/Commercial Automobile

Provides coverage for your owned, non-owned, and hired vehi-

cles. Coverage can be included for:

Physical damage to vehicles rented by you.

Pollution liability due to upset and overturn.

Rental reimbursement.

Driver-other-car coverage for specified individuals (provides

coverage for those individuals specifically named by you under

the policy, should they or their spouse drive a vehicle other than

the one you provide them).

Other enhancements available by endorsement.

Pollution Legal Liability Options

Limited Pollution Coverage:

Provides coverage for a pollution

incident from an insured site that commences on or after the

effective date of the policy. Insured must be legally obligated to

pay claims for bodily injury, property damage, or cleanup costs

(excluding cleanup of insured’s own site resulting from govern-

mental action). Claim must be made during the policy period;

pollution incident must be discovered within seven days after the

commencement of the pollution condition and the incident must

be reported within 14 days following discovery by the insured.

Premises Pollution Liability:

Provides coverage for the

first-party cleanup of both sudden and accidental or gradual

pollution releases at covered location(s). Coverage also provided

for bodily injury and property damage for gradual releases at

covered locations. Mold/fungi is included in the definition of

pollution conditions.

Contractors Pollution Liability:

Provides coverage for bodily

injury and property damage arising out of both sudden and acci-

dental and gradual pollution releases while performing services

for others.

Environmental Impairment Liability and General Lia-

bility Exposures (EAGLE) program:

refer to details under

General Liability section.

Property coverage extension to provide for limits

Newly acquired or constructed buildings—$1,000,000

Newly acquired business personal property—$1,000,000