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Computer equipment—$250,000

Additional media/data programs—$100,000

Property in transit—$50,000 (if stock covered with property)

Money and securities



Fire department service charge—$25,000

Recharge of fire protection equipment—$10,000

Extra expense—$50,000

Pollutant cleanup and removal—$25,000

Valuable papers and records—$100,000

Accounts receivable—$100,000

Inventory and appraisal—$20,000

Off-premises utility

Property coverage form—$100,000

Business income and extra expense coverage—$25,000

Umbrella Liability

Provides insurance limits over your primary general, automobile

and employer’s liability limits, subject to policy terms and condi-

tions. Limits up to $10 million and greater are available.

Program Elements

Coverages, limits, and deductibles can be customized to fit

individual needs.

Price is based on individual coverages, limits, construction,

location, and previous claims history. No group rates are used.

All underwriting is centralized, resulting in a consistent ap-

proach to providing coverage. Actual coverage is subject to the

policy terms and conditions agreed to at the time of binding.

Loss Prevention.

RecycleGuard is committed to providing

loss-prevention consulting services to help you establish and

maintain effective safety processes to control hazards and reduce

loss potential. Experienced recycling industry safety profession-

als will evaluate your safety policies and procedures to determine

their effectiveness and develop a formal program to correct

identified deficiencies.

Fast Attention and Instant Access for Claims.


Guard offers a toll-free claims hotline and e-mail address for

direct reporting of claims that are then handled by recycling

industry specialists familiar with claims common to the industry.

Claims handling, involving the insured, insurer, and program

manager is designed to achieve mutual goals with optimal


For a quote, have your agent or broker call 888/225-4725;

fax, 603/334-3090; or e-mail, submissions.recycleguard@

For more information, have your agent

or broker contact Susan Diecidue, Underwriting Manager, at

603/334-3019 or


Group Health/Dental/Prescription Insurance

is offered to

ISRI members by Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants Inc. at

no cost or obligation. MMIC is capable of offering the broadest

range of insuring companies, policies, and plans. The company

will analyze your health insurance needs to improve coverage

and reduce costs. For more information, contact Ed Sterczek at

800/349-1039, ext. 15, or


Disability Coverage

offered by Mass Marketing Insurance

Consultants and insured by Sun Life & Health Insurance Co. All

ISRI member companies of two or more employees are eligible

to participate in a custom-designed long-term and short-term dis-

ability group program. All eligible employees will be approved

regardless of their health status. For enrollment information,

contact Ed Sterczek at 800/349-1039, ext. 15, or ed.s@mmic

All insurance programs are administrated by ISRI

Resources Inc. and its board of seven ISRI members.

One of the services that ISRI Resources offers all members

is a “one-on-one” program. If a member is encountering any

problems with coverages under the policies described above, a

member of ISRI Resources will meet with the insurance compa-

ny on behalf of the member to try to help resolve and settle the

dispute. Contact ISRI President Robin Wiener at 202/662-8512


if you need such assistance.


Equipment Purchases

. ISRI members can take advantage of

discounted equipment and supplies offered through the National

Association Supply Cooperative. For more than 50 years,

NASCO-OP has been representing recyclers by buying in bulk

and passing the savings on to them. Thousands of products—in-

cluding shear knives, safety equipment, magnets, torches, convey-

or belts, and more—are a phone call away. Sign up today as NAS-

CO-OP will waive membership fees for ISRI members (a $2,300

value). Contact Bob Bedard at 800/321-3396; fax, 800/992-6679;;

or visit

Staples Business Advantage.

ISRI has teamed up with Staples

to offer the Staples Business Advantage. The program offers

deep discounts, next-day delivery, and a dedicated account

management team to help ISRI members streamline ordering of

office supplies, technology, and furniture. This program is only

available to ISRI members. To sign up, contact Brian Morin, 800/

617-1712, ext. 383, or

UPS Shipping.

ISRI has also teamed up with UPS to offer

the deep discounts, starting at a minimum 70 percent, on LTL

shipping (20,000 or less). The program has regional, inter-region-

al and long-haul capabilities and there are not minimum shipping

volume requirements. This program is only available to ISRI

members. To sign up, call 866/443-9303, ext. 4080, or e-mail


. ISRI members get a 10-percent discount on

FastMarkets Professional, a live metal prices, news, and research

subscription service. Among its benefits, the service offers live

prices from leading commodity exchanges such as the London

Metal Exchange, Comex, Nymex, the Shanghai Futures Ex-

change, and the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange; physical

market coverage, providing base metal premium assessments and

a weekly table of premiums that covers more than 60 price as-

sessments globally; metal industry news and research, including

fundamental and technical analysis, forecasts for each metal, and

ad hoc reports on a range of developments; and price and news

data alerts. ISRI members that already are FastMarkets customers

will receive the discount at their next renewal date. Visit www.

For a free trial, contact Fast-

Markets, 312/929-4200 or