ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular (updated)

24 SCRAP SPECIFICATIONS CIRCULAR 2022 Guidelines for Ferrous Scrap Copyright © 2022 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. CODE ITEM CODE ITEM (18A) Railbound Manganese Frogs and Switch Points with manganese inserts that have not been cut apart. (23) Malleable. Malleable parts of automobiles, railroad cars, loco- motive and/or miscellaneous malleable castings. (24) Melting Steel, Railroad No. 1. Clean wrought iron or steel scrap, 1/4 inch and over in thickness, not over 18 inches in width, and not over 5 feet in length. May include pipe ends and material 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch in thickness, not over 15 inches x 15 inches. Individual pieces cut so as to lie reason- ably flat in charging box. (27) Rail, Steel No. 1. Standard section tee rails, original weight 50 pounds per yard or heavier, 10 feet long and over. Suitable for rerolling into bars and shapes. Free from bent and twisted rails, frog, switch, and guard rails, or rails with split heads and broken flanges. Continuous welded rail may be included provided no weld is over 9 inches from the end of the piece of rail. (28A) Rail, Steel No. 2 Cropped Rail Ends. Standard section, original weight of 50 pounds per yard and over, 18 inches long and under. (28B) Rail, Steel No. 2 Cropped Rail Ends. Standard section, original weight of 50 pounds per yard and over, 2 feet long and under. (28C) Rail, Steel No. 2 Cropped Rail Ends. Standard section, original weight 50 pounds per yard and over, 3 feet long and under. (29) Rail, Steel No. 3. Standard section tee, girder, and/or guard rails, to be free from frog and switch rails not cut apart, and contain no manganese, cast, welds, or attachments of any kind except angle bars. Free from concrete, dirt, and foreign material of any kind. (30) Sheet Scrap, No. 1. Under 3/16 inch thick, may include hoops, band iron and/or steel, scoops and/or shovels (free of wood). Must be free from burnt or metal coated material, cushion, or other similar springs. (31) Sheet Scrap, No. 2. Galvanized or tinned material and/or gas retorts, and/or any other iron or steel material not otherwise classified. (32) Steel, Tool. (Specify kind in offering.) (33) Steel, Manganese. All kinds of manganese, rail, guard rails, frogs and/or switch points, cut or uncut. (34) Steel, Spring. Coil and/or elliptical, minimum thickness 1/4 inch, may be assembled or cut apart. (34A) Steel, Spring. Coil only. (35) Structural, Wrought Iron and/or Steel Uncut. All steel or steel mixed with iron from bridges, structures and/or equipment that has not been cut apart, may include uncut bolsters, brakebeams, steel trucks, underframes, channel bars, steel bridge plates, frog and/or crossing plates and/or other steel of similar character. (36) Tires. All locomotive, not cut to specified lengths. (38) Turnings. No. 1. Heavy turnings from wrought iron and/or steel railroad axles or heavy forgings and/or rail chips, to weigh not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. Free from dirt or other foreign material of any kind. Alloy steel scrap may be excluded from these specifica- tions by mutual agreement between buyer and seller. (38A) Turnings, Drillings and/or Borings. No. 2. Cast, wrought, steel and/or malleable iron borings, turnings and/or drillings mixed with other metals. (40) Wheels, No. 1. Cast iron car wheels. (42) Wheels, No. 3. Solid cast steel, forged, pressed and/or rolled steel car and/or locomotive wheels, not over 42 inches diameter. (Specify kind in offering.) (45) Destroyed Steel Cars. Bodies of steel cars cut apart sufficiently to load. (Specify kind.) (45A) Destroyed Steel Car Sides and Box Car Roofs. Cut to a maximum length of... and a maximum width of... suitable for use in super presses and shears without additional preparation. *Specifications in force as of publication date.