ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular (updated)

33 Guidelines for Paper Stock INSTITUTE OF SCRAP RECYCLING INDUSTRIES, INC. Copyright © 2022 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (51) Printed Bleached Plate Stock Consists of groundwood-free bleached coated or uncoated, untreated printed plates and sheets. Must be free of coat- ings or inks that are insoluble. Prohibitive Materials None permitted Outthrows plus prohibitives may not exceed 1% (52) Aseptic Packaging and Gable-Top Cartons Consists of liquid packaging board containers including emp- ty, used, polyethylene (PE)-coated, printed one-side aseptic and gable-top cartons containing no less than 70% bleached chemical fiber and may contain up to 6% aluminum foil and 24% PE film. Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 2% Outthrows plus prohibitives may not exceed 5% (54) Mixed Paper (MP) Consists of all paper and paperboard of various qualities not limited to the type of fiber content, sorted and processed at a recycling facility. Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 2% Outthrows may not exceed 3% (56) Sorted Residential Papers & News (SRPN) Consists of sorted newspapers, mail, magazines, printing and writing papers and other acceptable papers generated from residential programs (such as residential household and apartment collections and drop-off centers) sorted and processed at a recycling facility. Containerboard and brown grades (OCC, Kraft bags, boxboard and Kraft carrier board) will be considered as “Outthrows.” Due to some technical questions, a clarification to the language above was made in August 2019. Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 2% Outthrows may not exceed 3% (58) Sorted Clean News (SCN) Consists of sorted newspapers from source separated col- lection programs, converters, drop-off centers and paper drives containing the normal percentages of roto gravure, colored and coated sections. May contain inserts that would normally be included in the newspaper in the proper propor- tions. Grade must be free of excessive ink, brown grades and non-paper material. (Some mills may require pack to be free of flexographic inks.) Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 1/2 of 1% Outthrows plus prohibitives may not exceed 1% Other papers may not exceed 10% Specialty Grades The grades listed below are produced and traded in carload and truckload quantities throughout the United States, and because of certain characteristics (i.e., the presence of wet strength, polycoatings, plastic, foil, carbon paper, hot melt glue), are not included in the regular grades of paper stock. However, it is recognized that many mills have special equip- ment and are able to utilize large quantities of these grades. Since many paper mills around the world do use these spe- cialty grades, they are being listed with appropriate grade numbers for easy reference. The Paper Stock Industries Chapter of ISRI is not establish- ing specific specifications, which would refer to such factors as the type of wet strength agent used, the percentage of wax, the amount of polycoating, whether it is on top of or under the printing, etc. The specification for each grade should be determined between Buyer and Seller, and it is recommended that purchase be made based on sample. These specialty grades are as follows: 1—S White Waxed Cup Cuttings 2—S PrintedWaxed Cup Cuttings 3—S Poly Coated Cup Stock 4—S Polycoated Bleached Kraft—Unprinted 5—S Polycoated Bleached Kraft—Printed 6—S Polycoated Milk Carton Stock 7—S Polycoated Diaper Stock 8—S Polycoated Boxboard Cuttings 9—S (This Grade No Longer in Use) 10—S Printed and/or Unprinted Bleached Sulphate Containing Foil 11—S Waxed Corrugated Cuttings 12—S Wet Strength Corrugated Cuttings 13—S (This Number Not Currently in Use) 14—S Beer Carton Scrap 15—S Contaminated Bag Scrap 16—S Insoluble Glued Free Sheet Paper and/or Board (IGS) 17—S WhiteWet Strength Scrap 18—S BrownWet Strength Scrap 19—S Printed and/or ColoredWet Strength Scrap 20—S File Stock 21—S (This Number Not Currently in Use) 22—S Ruled White 23—S Flyleaf Shavings Containing Hot Melt Glue 24—S (This Number Not Currently in Use) 25—S Books with Covers 26—S (This Number Not Currently in Use) 27—S (This Number Not Currently in Use) 28—S (This Number Not Currently in Use) 29—S (This Number Not Currently in Use) 30—S Plastic Windowed Envelopes 31—S Textile Boxes 32—S Printed TMP 33—S Unprinted TMP 34—S Manila Tabulating Cards 35—S Sorted Colored Ledger 36—S Computer Printout (CPO) 37—S Silicone Release Liner