ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular (updated)

44 Guidelines for Plastic Scrap INSTITUTE OF SCRAP RECYCLING INDUSTRIES, INC. Copyright © 2022 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. • Polystyrene • PLA • PVC • PETG • Liquid residues, primarily water (2% maximum allowed). The following contaminants are not allowed at any level (zero percent allowed): • Any plastic bags or plastic film • Wood, glass, oils and grease • Rocks, stones, mud, dirt • Medical and hazardous waste • Items containing degradable additives General: Refer to the General Information section for additional information. HDPE Injection Bulky Rigid Plastics Description: Any inject ion grade high densi ty polyethylene (#2 HDPE) rigid plast ic, typical ly found to be wide mouthed containers and/or oversized i tems generated through a posi t ive sort from curbside, drop-off or other publ ic or pr ivate recycl ing col lect ion program. Examples include carts, crates, buckets, baskets, or other large al l inject ion HDPE i tems. Smal l inject ion molded containers are acceptable. Pal lets or other inject ion molded large i tems from commercial sources can be included. Metal such as axels and bol ts must be removed. Buckets/pai ls wi th metal handles and al l HDPE plast ic toys wi thout metal rods or screws are acceptable. Blow molded containers of any size should not be included (e.g., 55-gal lon drums or 2 gl syrup containers). Product: Buckets, Pails, Oversized Rigid Plastics Source: Post-Consumer Material collected primarily from residential sources, may also include some material that has met its intended use from commercial establishments. Contamination: Total contamination should not exceed 5% by weight. ALLOWABLE CONTAMINANTS AT LOW LEVELS: These contaminants are tolerable at low levels. The following contaminants should not exceed 2% by weight of any of the following “individual” contaminants, unless noted otherwise. • Polypropylene rigid plastic (5% maximum) • Any other non-HDPE rigid plastic, including PET (#1), PVC (#3), LDPE (#4), PS (#6), Other (#7) and compostable plastic (e.g., PLA and PHA) (4% maximum of all combined) • Liquid or other residues • Loose paper or cardboard (OCC) • Aluminum cans CONTAMINANTS NOT ALLOWED: If present, these contaminants may result in rejection. • Any item with degradable additives • Containers which held hazardous materials, such as flammable, corrosive, or reactive products, pesticides, or herbicide • Any plastic bags or film • Any plastic foam • Other metal, wood, glass • Batteries • Electronics scrap, including items with circuit boards or battery packs • Bio-Medical waste/items (e.g., syringes, sharps, gloves, masks) • Rocks, stones, mud, oils, grease General: Refer to the General Information section for additional information.