ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular (updated)

68 SCRAP SPECIFICATIONS CIRCULAR 2022 Inbound Residential Dual Stream Copyright © 2022 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. Inbound Residential Dual Stream Inbound Residential Dual Stream is the material derived from a recycling method whereby residents of a community place allowed materials in a specifically designated receptacle to be left at a drop off point outside their residence. Materials in the receptacle are then collected by a recycler for processing at a Materials Recovery Facility. Organic and other materials that can be considered solid waste are not permitted in this material mix. Any other recyclable materials may be added or deleted based on the individual agreement between buyer (MRF) and seller (Hauler or Municipality). Description A commodity mix of certain materials placed in specifically designated receptacles to be left at a drop off point outside the residence resulting from Dual Stream collection systems that separate bins, or carts for Paper and Containers and/or collected in separate compartments on one or more trucks. Paper Separated at the Collection point (Either stacked below or separate; not to be (not to be mixed with Paper) mixed with Containers) Plastic Metal Glass Aluminum Bottles Uncoated White Office Paper, Printing and Writing Paper Empty PET (#1), HDPE (#2), PP (#5) Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Jars And Containers and tin beverage and product and Jars of any color containers Colored Paper Bulky Rigid Plastics Such As Crates, Buckets, Totes, Baskets Newspaper Tubs and Lids Magazines Cartons Phonebooks Junk Mail Paperboard Tissue boxes/rolls Paper towel and toilet paper rolls Cardboard Brown or Kraft paper Paper boxes Pizza Boxes, remove food and liner • All materials should be clean, loose, and dry. Contamination Contamination is defined as anything not considered acceptable in the specification. • None permitted unless specifically agreed to in writing between buyer and seller. • No bagged recyclables unless otherwise accepted in local curbside collection program.