Be More Connected with ISRI

Recycling is an international industry. You have potential customers around the block, across the continent and all over the world. With members in 50 states and 32 countries, ISRI gives you the networking opportunities to grow your company relationships with consumers as close as next door and as far as a shipping container can reach.

  • ISRI's Membership Directory puts your name in front of global customers.
  • ISRI's chapter events plug you in to recycling-related business opportunities in your region.
  • ISRI's national events attract attendees from more than 50 countries and allow you to make the global contacts you need to succeed.

ISRI offers social networking opportunities that can help you promote your company and yourself via Facebook™, Twitter™, Linked In™ and more.

Take It from an ISRI Member

ISRI Member Mark Lewon talks about how ISRI membership has benefited his family-owned business in Utah.

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